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Amicus Mentor Limited - Security Recruitment

If you are planning or thinking about leaving the Army or have already have done so, then contact us today and we can give you advice and contact employers suitable for your skills and experience. Let us help you take the first steps to a new career.

Amicus Mentor Limited

Amicus Mentor were founded in 1998. They are a company based in North London providing and managing professional staff for companies who require specialist services. These staff could be Close Protection Officers, Security Guards or where there is a need for physical security. This company provides the correctly trained staff for the job, taking into account aspects like company policy and risks to people and assets.

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November 08, 2014
Ultimate Security Services Limited
We are currently recruiting Security Managers, Supervisors, Controllers and Security Officers for prestigious sites in The City.

Please send CV's to or phone Jim Hutton on 07432102760.

All Blue Red Blue Warriors WILL advance directly to Interview stage of the recruitment process.

May 05, 2014
Duty Security Manager The position is in the City of London
Position Has Beed Filled
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