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The Life Guards - Household Cavalry

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the life guards - household cavalry

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The Household Cavalry Regiment That Makes The Blue and Royals

The Life Guards make up part of the Modern British Army and are part of the Household Division. They can trace their roots back to the 1660s and the time of King Charles II and his restoration to the throne of Great Britain.

Initially to be part of the Life Guards you had to be a gentleman and the regiment had no noncommisioned officers in their ranks. So if they had corporals in their midst, they would be commissioned and were given the rank of lieutenant in the eyes of the rest of the army. The regiment first saw action in the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685 on the side of the King James.

They also more notably saw action in the famous Battle Of Waterloo 1815 against Napoleon, they were then part of the Household Brigade by then

After see much action in the First World War, 1918 saw them relinquish their horses and they were transformed into machine gun battalions, becoming the Guards Machine Gun Regiment.

They saw action in World War I in such places called Arras, The Somme and Cambrai. In World War II they saw action again and fought in Iraq, Syria and Persia and also in liberating France in 1944.

In 1992, the Life Guards join in a union with the Blue and Royals and formed the Household Cavalry Regiment (armoured reconnaissance)

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Colonel: General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE
Regimental Lieutenant Colonel: Lt Col Dan Hughes
Regimental Adjutant: Lt Col H S J Scott, LG
Director of Music: Captain Paul C Wilman


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November 08, 2014
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All Blue Red Blue Warriors WILL advance directly to Interview stage of the recruitment process.

May 05, 2014
Duty Security Manager The position is in the City of London
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The Life Guards - Household Cavalry
The Life Guards - Trooping The Colour 2012