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Motto: Nulli Secundus - "Second To None"

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The Infantry Regiment That Makes The Coldstream Guards

The Coldstream Guards are part of the Household Division in the regular British Army. They were formed in 1650, during the time of the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell and first saw action in the Battle Of Dunbar, which saw victory for Cromwell`s forces. They are the longest serving regiment in the British Army and originated from Coldstream in Scotland.

In the early years of the regiment they saw action in Flanders and the Monmouth Rebellion 1685, this was event was an attempt to overthrow King James II. Later they were also sent to fight in the American War of Independence and the Napoleonic Wars. In the Battle of Waterloo they saw action on the outskirts of Waterloo in the chateau of Hougoumont.

In the Crimea War four Coldstream Guardsman received the ultimate award for bravery, the Victoria Cross when they got back home.

The regiment in 1855 got its present name, The Coldstream Guards and from then on it has stayed the same and have since seen action in both World Wars, the First Gulf War and Afghanistan.

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Colonel: Lt Gen J J C Bucknall
Regimental Lieutenant Colonel: Brig J J S Bourne-May
Regimental Adjutant: Maj E M Crofton formerly CG
Director of Music: Lt Col G O Jones


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November 08, 2014
Ultimate Security Services Limited
We are currently recruiting Security Managers, Supervisors, Controllers and Security Officers for prestigious sites in The City.

Please send CV's to or phone Jim Hutton on 07432102760.

All Blue Red Blue Warriors WILL advance directly to Interview stage of the recruitment process.

May 05, 2014
Duty Security Manager The position is in the City of London
Position Has Beed Filled
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